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Garden Sown Vegetables

Some gardeners love the idea of direct sowing seeds. This simply means the seeds don't need to start indoors to be transplanted later. You place them straight into the soil outside (following detailed planting instructions, of course)! Some of the first vegetables that you can directly sow in the garden are considered cool-weather crops, like peas and greens. The have early harvests, and you'll benefit from their great nutrition and fresh, homegrown taste. Additional vegetables that can be garden sown include carrots, beets, asparagus, and broccoli. If you're trying to simplify the planting process this year, consider any of these wonderful vegetables.
Plant vegetable seeds directly in your garden
  • Choose from hundreds of garden sown varieties
  • No special indoor lighting is required
  • Some of the most go-to vegetables for meals are direct sown
  • Direct sowing in your garden is as easy as it gets

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