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Culinary Herb Seeds

You've done it so many times. Spent gobs of money at the grocery store on a few twigs of dill or a small basil plant, only to find them wilting by the time you're ready to cook. With Eden Brothers' must-have culinary herbs, you'll have access to fresh grown goodness when you're ready. Just run to the garden, pull what you need, and enhance your recipes. If you just want to try one or two, we recommend Sweet Basil Seeds, Dill Bouquet Seeds or Chive Seeds. If you're ready for an entire suite of herbs, then definitely go for the 10-set Culinary Herb Seed Collection.
Must-have culinary herbs for good reason
  • Culinary herbs are essential for every home-cooked meal
  • These culinary herbs are all easy to grow
  • They're the most common and versatile herbs in all recipes
  • Home grown culinary herbs are much tastier than store-bought

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