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The home garden isn’t complete without a go-to herb collection in arm’s reach. Many herbs such as oregano, catnip, chives, cilantro, and thyme can be started and kept indoors on a sunny windowsill where you can enjoy their fragrance. Others do well outdoors or on a side porch fresh dill, parsley, and basil. Our large selection includes over 100 varieties of organic, heirloom and open-pollinated herbs. A premier online supplier, Eden Brothers offers herb seed quantities by the packet or in bulk.

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Fresh herbs bring your culinary experiences from the solemn to the sublime. Savor their aroma, and delight in the subtle flavor that only fresh herbs can give a meal. With over 100 varieties of herb seeds to choose from, the herb garden of your dreams is only one seed order away from reality. Eden Brothers has all the essential culinary herbs, including oregano, parsley, basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, cilantro, chives, and dill—among many other lesser-known herbs.

Maybe you’re more interested in cultivating a medicinal garden—Eden Brothers has these seeds for you, too. Chamomile, chicory, echinacea, hyssop, lavender, lemon balm, marshmallow—the list goes on. Whether you’re looking for standard herbs or native forest botanicals, Eden Brothers has the largest collection of herb seeds around—you might even discover a few rare herbs that you’ve never even met!

Starting herbs from seed is easy and rewarding

Herb plant starts are commonly available at nurseries and garden centers, but growing herbs from seed is so much more rewarding! They provide a fresh supply of aromatic flavor and spice all season long. Purchasing herb seeds allows the gardener to cultivate those rare and specialty herb varieties that aren’t available just anywhere.

Starting herbs from seed is no different than starting other seeds. Some herbs, like basil and cilantro, can be direct sown after the average last spring frost in your area. Other herbs, like rosemary, sage, and thyme, are best started indoors, several weeks before the last frost.

To sow herb seeds, prepare a seed tray or pot with moist potting soil. A good rule of thumb when sowing seeds is to plant the seed twice as deep as the seed is big. Most herb seeds are small, so cover the seeds lightly with another layer of potting soil, just enough to allow some light to come through.

For quicker germination, you might want to place seed trays on a heat mat to raise the soil temperature to 70°F, which is optimal for most herb seeds. You might also consider topping the seed trays with a humidity dome to retain moisture in the flat. Bottom water the trays or mist lightly to water, to avoid spreading the seeds too much and potentially washing them away.

How to choose which herbs to grow

Dill, chives, sage, oregano, and mint are among the fastest-growing herbs but not all seeds germinate so fast. Be patient when planting your herb seeds, as some varieties may take a few weeks to germinate. Some herbs, like parsley and coriander, benefit from an overnight soak before planting. Other herbs, including thyme and lemon balm, need light to germinate—so be sure to cover these seeds only lightly with soil, or even better, cover these seeds with a light dusting of vermiculite, a horticultural material available at most garden supply stores.

Small-space gardening with herbs

Herb seeds are perfect for container gardens and indoor grow boxes. Some herbs are annuals, meaning that they germinate, grow, and flower in a single season. Heat-loving herbs like basil and cilantro will thrive in large pots on the porch or patio—so long as they get at least six hours of direct sunlight.

Other herbs like thyme and rosemary are perennial shrubs are content to be planted in the garden or container. Just be sure to keep them close at hand so you’ll be more motivated to use them often! Whether grown in a garden bed or container, a selection of delicious and medicinal herbs is always on standby to be used in cooking and for healing purposes. While colder climates will treat most herbs as annual, warmer climates can plant some herbs that will live year-round as a perennial.

Stumped on which herbs to buy for your herb garden? Eden Brothers’ bestselling Culinary Herb Seed Collection contains all the essential culinary and medicinal herbs, shipped right to your door. Starting herbs from seed has never been so easy! See exactly how to do it in our Herb Seed Planting Guide.