Collection: Heirloom Herb Seeds

Our selection of heirloom herb seeds showcases the best herbs in the marketplace. Heirloom oregano, lavender, and cumin are among 75 delectable varieties. Grown and appreciated for decades, heirloom herbs have been prized for attributes such as slow bolting, pungent taste, or aromatic qualities. If you have the garden space for a full patch of herbs or prefer a windowsill pot, your dining experience will be elevated with homegrown heirloom herbs.

Grow your own heirloom herb garden

Are you really a foodie if you don't have an heirloom herb garden within easy reach of the kitchen? Keep these 75 heirloom herb seeds close at hand to enhance your kitchen and medicine cabinet.

Heirloom seeds come from heirloom plants that were bred at least fifty years ago. Heirloom cultivars can be vegetables and fruits, or ornamental flowers and plants. Heirlooms are as diverse as the places and the families that they come from, but heirloom seeds are always open-pollinated, meaning that heirloom plants are always pollinated the natural way, and will always produce viable seeds. Heirloom seeds are always non-GMO and often organic, making heirloom varieties the safest seeds for you and your family to use and consume.

You could buy standard herb seeds, but why not impress your family and friends with your collection of lesser-known and wonderful homegrown heirloom herbs? Try growing Genovese Basil to enhance your signature Italian dishes, like marinara sauce and pesto.

Heirloom herbs for culinary and medicinal use

Heirloom herb seeds carry more than just a notable name—many heirloom herbs are more flavorful and nutritious than hybrid or non-heirloom types. Some heirloom herb varieties have intermediate disease resistance and are more tolerant to hot, dry conditions than their standard counterparts. Longstanding Organic Cilantro/Coriander is a prime example of an herb that has been improved through open pollination and careful breeding to be much slower to bolt than other types of cilantro.

Or maybe you’re interested in planting a tea garden this year—what better herb to include than heirloom varieties! For chamomile, choose between Roman or German types. You’d also be foolish to not consider growing Lemon Balm, an heirloom cultivar of the mint family that brings citrusy taste to dishes and drinks.

Some of our collection of heirloom herb seed varieties are also grown, harvested, and processed according to the USDA’s strict organic standards. Here at Eden Brothers, we’re always looking to get more of our customers’ favorite seeds certified organic, because we know how important personal health—and the health of the environment—is to you and yours.

Where to grow heirloom herbs

Grow versatile heirloom herbs just about anywhere—from a window box to a raised bed and everything in between. Our heirloom herb seeds are just as adaptable as any of our regular herb seeds, and sometimes more. Heirloom herbs are perfect for window boxes, container gardens, and raised beds. Our heirloom herb seeds thrive in the field, but trust us—you’ll want to keep these beautiful, flavorful spices close at hand! You’ll have to work hard to use them too much, as these productive heirloom varieties will reward you with a constant supply of fresh herbs through the season, and, should you bring your herb garden indoors for the winter, fresh herbs year-round!

Common and unusual heirloom herb varieties

Whether you’re looking for a classic heirloom herb or a lesser-known variety, we’re more likely than anyone else to have it on hand. Heirloom Fenugreek Seeds? Got it. Heirloom Borage Seeds? Check. Heirloom Tarragon Seeds? Yeah, we have those too. Start planting the seeds for your (literal) herb garden today by browsing Eden Brothers’ curated collection of 75 heirloom herb varieties. Learn exactly how to grow and care for your herb seeds in our Herb Seed Planting Guide.