Collection: Deer Resistant Garden

When you live in an area where deer love to roam, it may be difficult to produce a beautiful, colorful garden. While fencing your yard or spraying deer repellents on a regular basis are both fine strategies to discourage the herd from destroying your garden, there is another option. This planting season, try incorporating as many deer-resistant plants as possible. Deer-resistant bulbs and seeds generate blooms with strong scents and biochemicals that deer and other animals find unpleasant. But you'll still find them beautiful!

Plant a beautiful deer-resistant flower garden

Whether you think deer are cute or not, we can all agree that they can certainly be a nuisance in the garden. When even the tallest fences won’t keep the deer out, these flower bulbs and seeds will send grazing deer on their way to the next, more enticing, flower patch.

At Eden Brothers, we know that deer pressure is a real problem. So we created a solution by organizing our deer-resistant flower bulbs and seeds into one easy-to-browse collection! Use these deer-resistant varieties as border plants to protect your more vulnerable flowers and vegetables. Starving deer may sample a bite or two, but deer generally don’t prefer these flower bulbs and seeds.

Hardy deer-resistant wildflowers and perennials

Have a bare area that won’t grow grass? Or are you getting sick of mowing your lawn every few days? It might be time to plant a wildflower meadow, and one that the deer won’t eat. Try Deer Resistant Wildflower Mix, an Eden Brothers exclusive blend of 13 varieties of wildflowers suited for all hardiness zones. The pollinators will love this blend of North America’s best wildflowers, but the deer will pass on by!

North American perennials like Purple Coneflower and Wild Perennial Lupine are excellent choices for areas heavily populated by deer–these plants have survived for so long because the plants have made themselves unpalatable to pests. Lily of the Valley is yet another native perennial that deer keep well away from because it contains poisonous toxins.

Deer-resistant fall and spring-planted bulbs

Just because deer have mowed down your rosebush in the past doesn’t mean that you can’t still grow something similar. Ranunculus bulbs are deer resistant, as are peonies—and both of these multi-petaled varieties are much easier to grow than roses but just as fragrant.

Try growing the exclusive ranunculus mix, 45 Days of Bloom, for easy-to-grow spring flowers. The longest-blooming ranunculus mix will reward you with six weeks of fresh cuts without the worry of hungry deer taking more than their share.

If your flower garden is on the shady side, plant Calla Lily Flame bulbs for fiery blooms that the neighborhood deer will happily disregard. Most of these varieties thrive in raised beds or containers, but the miniature Peacock Orchid Bulbs do extremely well in pots, for those deer that are brave enough to traverse your patio or porch.

Deer-resistant flower gardens from quality seed

Whether you purchase flower bulbs, perennial roots, or flower seeds you can plant with confidence, knowing that you have the highest quality products on the market. Eden Brothers’ seeds are guaranteed non-GMO and always free of additives or fillers. Flower bulbs are sourced from premier suppliers in France, Holland, and Israel. Even though your flower garden might be an investment at first, it will surely pay for itself over and over again with lovely deer-resistant blooms.

Regardless of where you live, you don’t have to give in to deer pressure! You can still have the flower garden you always dreamed of without any chemical sprays or complex fencing. Order these deer-resistant flower bulbs and seeds today and you won’t lose any more sleep over the fate of your precious garden. Learn how to grow them in our Gardening 101 resource center.