Collection: Zinnia Flower Seed Mixes

Zinnias feature beautiful, solitary, daisy-like flower heads on a single, tall stem, making them ideal for use as a cutting flower or as food for butterflies and other pollinators! Eden Brothers carries over 30 zinnia mixes—a rainbow of colors, shapes, and sizes, ensuring that there's a blend for you. Our Zin Master Mix has been a fan favorite for years. Not only are they incredibly gorgeous, but zinnias are also easy to grow and maintain!

Growing zinnia flower seed mix in your garden

  • 39 zinnia flower seed mix varieties
  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • Pollinator and hummingbird attractors
  • Produces beautiful and exotic summer blooms

Growing zinnia flower seed mix in your garden

  • %count% zinnia flower seed mix varieties
  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • Pollinator and hummingbird attractors
  • Produces beautiful and exotic summer blooms

The best zinnia flower seed mixes to grow at home

Ok, we’ll admit it—at Eden Brothers we have a little bit of an addiction to zinnias. There’s hardly an easier to grow cut flower that is as productive or as hardy as the humble zinnia.

These easy-to-grow summer annuals are a hit with every audience—perfect for the beginning gardener, but still a classic cut flower in even the most experienced grower’s garden. As varied in color as they are in shape, no garden is complete with at least a row of zinnia flowers.

Blooming in every imaginable color of the rainbow, there’s sure to be a hue to fit every color palette and garden theme. Zinnias aren’t the most fragrant flower, but the branching plants with their abundant blooms have no trouble drawing pollinators to the garden.

Zinnia flower seed mixes are easy to grow and maintain

Zinnias are among the most low-maintenance annual flowers to grow–these heat lovers will thrive during the warm season in all hardiness zones. Once established, mature plants can tolerate drought and heatwaves and are even deer resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any four-legged critters chowing down on your zinnia patch.

While you can start zinnia seeds indoors, zinnias do just as well direct-seeded in the garden after your region’s average last frost date. Just be sure to give the plants plenty of sun for the most vibrant blooms. A fast-growing plant and vigorous reseeder, some varieties are harvestable in as little as two months from sowing. Learn exactly how to plant, grow, and care for your zinnias in our Zinnia Seeds Planting Guide.

The perfect zinnia flower seeds for gorgeous floral arrangements

Why settle for a single color or form when you could grow a mix that has several? These zinnia flower seed mixes are gorgeous enough to be a bouquet by themselves! Grow Art Deco for a lovely blend of the best purple hues, or try Candy Stripe Mix for intriguing pastel blooms streaked with red.

Ranging in form from the single-flowered Zahara Single Mix to the fully double-flowered Cupcake Pink Mix, you’d be hard-pressed to find another annual flower as versatile in floral arrangements as zinnias. Snag a few of the classic colors, but be sure to check out some of the more uncommon zinnia cultivars, like the bicolored Aztec and Super Cactus Giant Mix.

Pair zinnias with dahlias, sunflowers, celosia, and amaranth for fiery bouquets just perfect for summer picnics and birthday parties. An excellent companion plant, tuck zinnias into the vegetable garden beside your tomatoes and peppers—zinnias attract beneficial insects that keep pests at bay.

Shop the most extensive collection of zinnia flower seed mixes on the market

We seek out open-pollinated varieties to add to our collection because we know that hardy plants come from strong genetics. Heirloom seeds make for the most beautiful flowers, after all–these are the varieties treasured by families and communities for generations.

If you aren’t already growing zinnias, you need to be–and if you’ve been growing zinnias for years, well, you should probably be growing more! At the very least, you should try out our brand-new offerings like Queen Lime Orange and Zinderella Lilac.

Go on, shop our zinnia flower seed mixes to your heart’s content. All of our zinnia seeds are guaranteed to be 100% pure zinnia seeds–free of any additives and fillers–so you can expect the best out of your garden this year. Order your favorite zinnia flower seed mixes today, before the most beautiful varieties sell out for the season!