Collection: Heirloom Flower Seeds

All 400+ varieties of Eden Brothers’ heirloom flowers are open pollinated, non-GMO and untreated. Heirloom annual and perennial flower seeds are available for every region of the US in a variety of sizes and colors. Discover aster, calendula, poppies, coneflower, and so many other flower seeds that have been grown in our country for centuries. With blooms in spring, summer or fall, your garden will hold a piece of history in the heirloom flower seeds you select.

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A huge assortment of over 400 heirloom flower seeds

You might think you know everything about flowers until you visit Eden Brothers’ heirloom flower seeds page. With over 400 varieties of heirloom flower seeds, this is the largest collection of rare and unique heirloom seeds flowers around!

We think all flowers are cool, but heirloom flower seeds are even more spectacular. By definition, an heirloom is a variety that was bred at least fifty years ago. Typically passed down from family member to family member, or through tight-knit communities, heirloom cultivars only go mainstream when picked up by a seed company and mass-produced.

All 400 of these heirloom flower varieties come with the story of particular people and places. At Eden Brothers, we seek to preserve that unique history by growing flowers with personality—the bold and vibrant summer annuals right alongside the soft and subtle perennials.

Have confidence that the heirloom flowers you’ll share with family and friends came from 100% all-natural and non-GMO seed. Eden Brothers' heirloom flower seeds may vary in color, form, and life cycle, but each and every seed is open-pollinated and non-GMO, so you’re guaranteed to have the highest-quality and best-looking flowers in the neighborhood.

Why grow heirloom flower seeds?

Heirloom flower seeds may not be quite as easy as the average hybrid, but these varieties are so rewarding to grow. Help keep biodiversity in the worlds’ seed stock alive by growing heirloom flower seeds in your home garden or flower farm.

Flowers have always served the purpose of bringing people together. You gift flowers to friends to brighten their day, and you send flowers to relatives who’ve lost a loved one so they know they’re not alone. No matter what the occasion, there’s a reason to send flowers—whether to celebrate joy or share sorrow. Show exactly how much you care this year by growing your own heirloom flower seeds, and your extra effort won’t go unnoticed.

Heirloom flowers as companion plants

Consider companion planting heirloom flowers with vegetables for your most productive garden yet. If you need another reason to grow heirloom flowers this year, consider how much more productive your vegetable garden will be with all the pollinators competing for a taste of those delicious-looking, fragrant blooms. Whether or not you intend to plant a pollinator garden, you’re sure to have one this season if you plant even a few of these exquisitely beautiful heirloom flowers.

Why stick to the same standard flowers every year, when you could be discovering rare and unique heirloom flower varieties? We’ve all heard of marigolds and sunflowers, but who do you know who’s already familiar with blanket flower? Or blazing star? Or love-in-the-mist? Impress your friends and family and show off your green thumb by growing these rare and unique heirloom flower seeds. Get to know all the ins and outs of growing flower seeds in our Flower Seed Planting Guide.

Continuing someone else’s legacy is as simple as planting a seed in the ground and watching what happens next. Add your story to those who have gone before us by growing heirloom flowers, and let the mark you leave on the world be nothing but beautiful.